13 things you’ll love about the Norwegian Getaway (2023)

I just went on the Norwegian Getaway for the first time and wanted to share the things I loved the most about this cruise ship.

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) has many aspects that guests love. Some of those things may be the freestyle mentality the brand embodies, the Broadway entertainment, or the general atmosphere onboard. The Norwegian Getaway ship is no different! This vessel has many features and amenities that guests are sure to love onboard.

The Norwegian Getaway is one of two ships apart of Norwegian Cruise Line’s Breakaway Class of ships. This impressive vessel, while being one of 18 ships in NCL’s fleet, has many of its own unique features and amenities that are sure to bring guests back time and time again.

I sailed on the Norwegian Getaway for the first time this August, and it was an incredible experience. Cruise ships, while designed to transport guests to destinations across the globe, are truly vacation destinations in of themselves. While onboard the Norwegian Getaway, I had a wonderful time exploring all of the ship’s features, and I am excited to share some of things onboard that I believe many prospective passengers would enjoy.

Choosing which cruise ship, and even cruise line, to travel with for your vacation is an important choice! I hope that this article, and articles like these, can help those new to cruising, as well as cruise enthusiasts plan their next sailing adventure!

The Waterfront


13 things you’ll love about the Norwegian Getaway (1)

Norwegian Cruise Line ships feature onboard an area of their vessels called The Waterfront. This is area is essentially a wrap around deck space that surrounds nearly all of one deck onboard. On the Norwegian Getaway, The Waterfront is located on Deck 8. This area is the perfect place to grab a comfortable lounge chair and sit with family and friends while watching the ocean pass by. While enjoying The Waterfront, I witnessed some of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen yet. Guests can also access the very back of the ship from The Waterfront. Once outside on Deck 8, guests can walk towards the aft of the ship, and will discover unobstructed views of the very back of the ship. This area makes a for a great place to snap a photo or two onboard.

Skyy Ice Bar


13 things you’ll love about the Norwegian Getaway (2)

The Skyy Ice Bar might be the most unique lounge and bar that I have ever heard of on a cruise ship! This unique venue is inspired by the real ice hotels located in Scandinavia.

Passengers can access the bar on Deck 8. To enter the Ice Bar, guests are required to pay an $18 cover charge. This cost includes two drinks, a large coat to borrow while inside the bar, and the service charge. After paying the cover charge, guests are handed a coat to borrow and escorted inside. The Ice Bar consists of one relatively small room that is impressively decorated with sculpted ice walls and structures such as a large couch and ice throne chair. The actual bar itself is also constructed out of, you guessed it, ice!

There is a limited menu with several drinks, all of which feature Skyy Vodka. Once guests have ordered their first drink from the bar, they are handed a cup made of ice, and are free to wander the room, explore, and take photos.

I have a few recommendations to make visiting the Skyy Ice Bar as enjoyable as possible. First, visit this location during a port day. We chose to visit the Ice Bar on our first port day after we had spent the afternoon adventuring around Great Stirrup Cay. We were excited to find that we were the only guests inside the Ice Bar at the time, and this made for a great opportunity to take some photos and enjoy the atmosphere. Second, I would highly recommend changing into long pants and a sweatshirt before visiting the bar. The room is kept at literally freezing temperatures in order to keep all the ice intact, and therefore is very cold inside!

(Video) 12 Must-Have Norwegian Cruise Tips, Tricks, & Things to Know

Guests are provided with light jackets and gloves to borrow for their visit to the Ice Bar, but even with these items, guests are sure to be cold! The crew member inside the Ice Bar said that many guests don’t stay long enough to even finish their two drinks because it is so cold! Therefore, I recommend preparing beforehand so that you can enjoy this impressive venue to its fullest!

The Ice Bar is a very unique experience onboard a cruise ship, and one that I would say is a must-do onboard the Norwegian Getaway!

Free Fall Waterslides

Currently, Norwegian Cruise Lines boasts the fastest waterslide at sea, the Free Fall. This adrenaline-pumping experience is an absolute must-do for any thrill seekers onboard! There are technically two Free Fall slides onboard the Norwegian Getaway, both are essentially identical. Having two of the Free Fall slides onboard means that guests can “race” their friends and family members.

The Free Fall is a drop waterslide that has guests step inside a closed tube, and stand on a trapdoor floor. After a countdown from three, the floor drops away, effectively putting guests into a free fall where they will experience up to 4Gs! This slide is more thrilling than I originally thought it would be, and I would recommend trying out the slide at least once, to anyone wanting to experience one of the most unique waterslides at sea!

Specialty Dining

There are eleven specialty dining locations onboard the Norwegian Getaway. There is so much variety and choices that it will be nearly impossible for guests to sample all of the specialty cuisine onboard in just one cruise sailing.

The specialty dining venues onboard the Norwegian Getaway include:

  • Ocean Blue - seafood (a la carte)
  • Moderno Churrascaria - Brazilian steakhouse ($49 per person)
  • Wasabi - sushi and traditional Japanese cuisine (a la carte)
  • American Diner - American cuisine (a la carte)
  • Cagney’s Steakhouse - Premium steakhouse (a la carte)
  • Dolce Gelato - Gelato stand (a la carte)
  • La Cucina - Italian cuisine (a la carte)
  • Le Bistro - French cuisine (a la carte)
  • Teppanyaki - Hibachi-style cuisine ($49 per person)
  • The Bake Shop - specialty chocolate and dessert (a la carte)
  • The Raw Bar - raw seafood and shellfish (a la carte)

I recommend prospective guests take a look at all of the specialty dining options onboard ahead of their sailing, and decide which, if any, specialty locations they would like to visit. I would also recommend making a dining reservation before any cruise, this can be done through Norwegian Cruise Line’s app after guests have completed their online check-in prior to their sailing.

While on our sailing we enjoyed dinner one night at Teppanyaki. This was a great specialty dining restaurant. I would recommend this location to guests looking for something a little different and unique. The Hibachi-style meal consisted of a lively and performative chef cooking and preparing our food right in front of us.

Something to note about dining at Teppanyaki, guests should make sure to budget plenty of time if they choose to dine at this restaurant. Because the chef is cooking food for everyone at a large table, and is essentially performing while doing so, the dinner takes quite a bit of time. I would recommend setting aside two hours to dine at this restaurant.

Cruise Director Activities


13 things you’ll love about the Norwegian Getaway (4)

Guests do not have to be worried about running out of things to do while onboard NCL ships. In addition to the experiences and entertainment onboard, The Norwegian Getaway had a great Cruise Director who had a substantial schedule of activities planned out for each day of our sailing.

Each night before bed, a copy of the Freestyle Daily, NCL’s onboard newsletter, was delivered to our stateroom telling us of the activities that would be happening onboard the next day. Before embarking on this sailing, I did not realize that NCL plans out essentially every hour of the day onboard. There is never a dull moment on the ship, and guests will be able to find plenty to do. I highly recommend taking a look at the Freestyle Daily each day of a cruise sailing.

(Video) 12 Things We HATED & LOVED on our Norwegian Cruise *Honest Review*

Some of the most popular onboard cruise director activities were the family game shows. These events got many of the guests involved and created a fun and engaging atmosphere.

Great Stirrup Cay


13 things you’ll love about the Norwegian Getaway (5)

For the summer cruise season, the Norwegian Getaway is currently visiting locations such as The Caribbean and The Bahamas. The Getaway will transition to sailing itineraries in other parts of the world beginning in the fall and winter seasons. But for now, the Getaway frequents the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

While on these itineraries, one of Norwegian Getaway’s popular ports of call is Great Stirrup Cay. This destination is Norwegian Cruise Line’s privately owned island in The Bahamas, and is a great resort-like island to explore with NCL.

The Norwegian Getaway conducted a wonderful visit to this island. The tender process was quick and efficient. The afternoon was spent enjoying the beautiful water with our impressive cruise ship in the background. For prospective NCL guests, I would definitely recommend a Caribbean itinerary. I felt the itinerary we sailed on was a great introduction to this part of the world, and that the Norwegian Getaway did an awesome job of creating a wonderful experience for all guests onboard.

Burn The Floor Show

This impressive and lively Broadway-style show is must-see entertainment onboard the Getaway. On embarkation day of our sailing we chose to reserve a spot to watch this show at the Box Office, on our first day at sea. We chose to watch the 8:00pm show, and the entire performance lasted about 45 minutes.

This engaging dance show features many different types of performers including dancers, live singers, and live musicians. I appreciated the various aspects of the show, and thought that the performance was very well done. The show is performed several times throughout cruise sailings on the Getaway.

Norwegian Cruise Line describes this show as, “a non-stop display of movement and style based on the world-renowned Broadway show. This audience dazzling show is a can’t miss 45 minute dance extravaganza filled with breathtaking choreography, heart pounding music and unforgettable moves.” I would recommend that guests watch this entertaining show at least once while sailing with the Norwegian Getaway!

Sugarcane Mojito Bar


13 things you’ll love about the Norwegian Getaway (7)
(Video) 13 Things to NEVER Do on a Cruise Ship *SERIOUSLY* // Cruise Tips You Need

Our other favorite lounge and bar onboard was the Sugarcane Mojito Bar. This location is unique because it specializes in mojito drinks. There are a plethora of mojito cocktails to choose from, including combinations I had never heard of before. Guests who are fans of the classic drink are sure to find one they enjoy at this location.

My favorite thing that we ordered at this lounge was the mojito flight. The flight cost $20 and included four different, small versions, of the various mojito flavors on offer. Some of these mojito flavors included; classic, cucumber, coconut, pineapple, and jalapeño. I personally enjoyed the cucumber mojito!

This bar and lounge additionally offers both indoor and outdoor seating on Deck 8. The outdoor seating has plenty of comfortable seating around tables, and the indoor seating offers a place to enjoy some air conditioning on an especially hot day.

Ropes Course At Sea


13 things you’ll love about the Norwegian Getaway (8)

One of the only cruise ships in the world to offer an experience like this onboard, the Norwegian Getaway features a Ropes Course at sea. This challenge course up in the sky consists of over 40 elements and obstacles for guests to navigate.

My favorite areas of the Ropes Course are the two zip lines and the Plank. The Plank is an element of the course that allows guests to stand on a plank that stretches far over the edge of the ship. This is a fun and relatively thrilling experience.

The Ropes Course is offered to guests of many ages. Very young children before the age of 5 have their own special children’s Ropes Course that is located on the same complex as the full sized version. I would recommend that young children under the age of 8 be accompanied while on the course. When we tried out the Ropes Course, we noticed some smaller children struggling with some of the elements and requiring parental assistance.

If you are someone who likes to try new things, and is looking for a unique and slightly adventurous experience while on a cruise, I would recommend the Ropes Course onboard the Norwegian Getaway!

Headliners & Howl at the Moon

The Headliners bar and lounge onboard hosts some of the nighttime entertainment onboard the Getaway, including the comedy shows and the Howl At The Moon dueling piano show. I very much enjoyed the dueling piano show, as it was the first one of its kind that I have seen. This guest-interactive show is engaging and features very talented performers as they sing along to and perform popular songs requested by the audience, while playing a variety of instruments.

I noticed that the Howl At The Moon show had various degrees of attendance throughout our voyage. Some nights were busier than others, however, there was always available seating. This is also a show that runs late into the evening, until 12am and sometimes 1am.

The performers at this show were very talented and seemed to really love what they do. The environment in this lounge during the dueling piano show is relaxed and fun. The show starts and ends at a set time, but guests are free to come or go as they please. I would absolutely recommend that any guest onboard the Norwegian Getaway attend this show at least once during their sailing.

The Staterooms


13 things you’ll love about the Norwegian Getaway (10)
(Video) Top 5 MUST DO TIPS for the first day of your Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) cruise

Guests will love their staterooms aboard the Getaway. We stayed in a standard inside stateroom on our cruise. I had initially expected our room to potentially feel cramped or dark, due to it having no windows. However, I found that our room offered plenty of space for two people, and felt cozy. We found the room to be quite comfortable, and a great place to call home during our voyage.

Guests who wish to save some money on their next sailing, and choose an inside stateroom can be assured that these rooms feel up to date and will make a great choice for a cruise vacation. After all, guests will typically not spend too much time in their staterooms and will instead be out and about exploring the ship. But rest assured, the rooms felt luxurious even in their least expensive form.

Clean and Modern


13 things you’ll love about the Norwegian Getaway (11)

Something I noticed about the Norwegian Getaway shortly after stepping foot onboard, was just how clean and modern everything felt. The ship, although it was originally constructed in 2014, has since been refurbished, and felt very modern.

We never saw any trash laying around, and frequently witnessed crew members cleaning. After its refurbishment, I am sure the Getaway has many more years on the high seas ahead. The decor and finishings also seemed to reflect a modern and fun style onboard.

Friendly and Helpful Crew


13 things you’ll love about the Norwegian Getaway (12)

Every crew member we spoke to onboard was incredibly helpful and kind. The staff seemed to enjoy their jobs, and were attentive to guests’ experiences. Each morning at breakfast we were greeted by the friendly buffet attendants, and nearly every night on returning to our stateroom, we would come across our stateroom steward who was very kind and would always ask if he could do anything for us, and if we were enjoying our voyage.

The staff onboard is committed to bringing about the best experiences for guests, and this comes across in their daily interactions with passengers.


Guests are sure to find things they love onboard the Norwegian Getaway! This ship is much like a floating city, and offers passengers the chance to explore and sample everything the vessel has to offer. As always, I would recommend prospective guests research what this ship has onboard ahead of any cruise sailing, in order to insure that guests can participate in and enjoy as many activities, entertainment, as well as food and drink venues as possible during their voyage. Thank you again for following along with me as I sailed for the first time with Norwegian Cruise Line! Wherever your next cruise journey may take you, smooth sailing!


Why was Norwegian Getaway Cancelled? ›

Here's what NCL said: "As we continue to navigate the fluid public health environment, while focusing on delivering a safe experience for all on board, we have made the difficult decision to cancel Norwegian Getaway's Jan. 5, 2022 voyage, due to COVID-related circumstances."

How many pools are on the Norwegian Getaway? ›

Norwegian Getaway FAQ:

There are three pools aboard Norwegian Getaway, along with five waterslides and nine jacuzzies. The main pool is situated on Deck 15 and is flanked by four jacuzzies, while another pool sits nearby in the water park.

How many levels are on the Norwegian Getaway? ›

The boat has 18 decks (14 passenger-accessible, 10 with cabins), 27 dining options (9 complimentary), 22 lounges and bars, 3 swimming pools, 5 waterslides, 9 Jacuzzis (outdoor whirlpool hot tubs), 16 elevators.

Is NCL losing money? ›

First Quarter 2022 Results

The company reported Adjusted Net Loss of $(760.5) million or Adjusted EPS of $(1.82) in 2022.

Where is Norwegian Getaway now? ›

The current position of NORWEGIAN GETAWAY is at North West Atlantic Ocean (coordinates 27.38851 N / 79.67729 W) reported 9 mins ago by AIS.

Is bottled water free on Norwegian cruise? ›

Is bottled water included in NCL beverage package? Bottled water isn't included with Norwegian's Premium Beverage Package, the once which comes included as a Free at Sea perk. However, you can purchase or upgrade to the Premium Plus drink package, where bottled water is included.

Is Norwegian Getaway a big ship? ›

The ship measures 145,655 gross register tonnage, and is capable of accommodating up to 3,963 guests at double occupancy. The Getaway is also able to house up to 1,646 crew members, and measures 1,068.3 feet in overall length.

Can you bring snacks on a Norwegian cruise? ›

The good news is that yes, you can bring food and snacks on a cruise — including on major cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian.

What is a club balcony on Norwegian Getaway? ›

Breakaway & Breakaway Plus Class Ships

One of the biggest differences between the balcony and the club balcony suite, in regards to the room, is the size of the bathroom. The club balcony suite has two sinks and a larger shower, as seen in the photo below.

What is the thermal spa on Norwegian Getaway? ›

Thermal Suite in Mandara Spa

It features a steam room, dry sauna, Vitality pool, hot tubs, waterfalls and heated tile loungers. Those staying in the spa cabins and suites have complimentary access to the Thermal Suite during regular Mandara Spa opening hours.

How many cabins are on the Norwegian Getaway? ›

Getaway is equipped with 2,014 cabins.

What does BF mean on NCL? ›

Click below to view a deck plan
CategoryCabin Name
37 more rows

Does NCL getaway have Starbucks? ›

Company Will Be the First Cruise Line to Feature Starbucks Across Its Entire 17-Ship Fleet and Private Resort Destinations by 2022.

Is Carnival or NCL better? ›

As a first-time cruiser you can't go wrong with either line. Pick Norwegian Cruise Line if you are looking for innovative onboard attractions and a contemporary take on casual cruising. Choose Carnival if you want great food and a “Fun Ship” experience in a casual environment and at a very affordable price.

Are NCL gratuities mandatory? ›

Unlike most other ships in the cruise industry, there is no required or recommended tipping on our ships for service that is generally rendered to all Guests.

Is NCL a luxury cruise line? ›

Norwegian is also a mass-market brand, not a luxury cruise operator. Still, as we'll explain below, it offers a wide range of accommodations, some of which fall squarely in the luxury segment.

What time are shows on NCL getaway? ›

On most nights, there is a 7:00pm and 9:00pm show with a few evenings including an 11:00pm “late show”. Note, the earlier shows are family friendly, but the 11:00pm show is adults only.

Does Norwegian Getaway have a casino? ›

Getaway Casino

With all your favourite table games and slots, it's easy to see why Norwegian has been rated the ""Best Cruise Line Casino"" of any cruise line for ten years running by the readers of Casino Player magazine and ""Best Cruise Line Casino"" by Porthole magazine.

Does Norwegian Getaway have go karts? ›

The newest ship from Norwegian Cruise Line will make its debut in the Mediterranean in June 2023, with room for more than 3,200 passengers, multiple infinity pools, an open-air food hall, and an outdoor go-kart track among its countless amenities.

Does NCL have free ice cream? ›

Just Ice Cream

Serves: Ice cream. Cost: Free.

Is there a limit on NCL drink package? ›

Two (2) beverages per person per transaction. Package can be used in all restaurants, lounges, bars and Great Stirrup Cay. Any items over $15 USD will receive an $15 USD discount and the guest will be charged the difference to their account.

Can you refill water bottles on cruise? ›

Since the drinking water on cruise ships is safe to drink, refillable water bottles and drinking cups are the ideal way to stay hydrated, both onboard and in ports. Note that, for hygiene reasons, some cruise lines ask that passengers not fill up personal water bottles directly from water dispensers in the buffet.

What is the number 1 biggest cruise ship? ›

As of January 2022, the largest cruise ship, Wonder of the Seas, has a gross tonnage of 236,857, is 362 metres (1,188 ft) long, 64 metres (210 ft) wide, and holds up to 6,988 passengers.

What is the biggest cruise ship to sink? ›

RMS Titanic

The sinking of the biggest passenger ship ever built at the time resulted in the death of more than 1,500 of the 2,208 people onboard. The accident occurred when the ship hit an iceberg while cruising at its maximum speed of 23k on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City.

Where is the calmest place on a cruise ship? ›

The lower and more central you are in a ship, the less roll and sway you will feel. Even if you choose a balcony room, choose a low level and a room closest to the ship's center. The higher decks and cabins at the front (forward) or back (aft) of the ship will rock and roll the most.

What can you not eat on a cruise? ›

8 things to avoid at the cruise-ship buffet if you want to keep your stomach ship-shape
  • More Than One Plate at a Time. ...
  • Cross-contaminated food and utensils. ...
  • Communal condiments. ...
  • Stale pizza. ...
  • Scrambled eggs. ...
  • Soft-serve ice cream cones. ...
  • Sushi.
21 Aug 2019

What should you not bring on a cruise? ›

Prohibited items:
  1. Firearms & Ammunition, including realistic replicas.
  2. Sharp Objects, including all knives and scissors. ...
  3. Illegal Drugs & Substances.
  4. CBD Oil / CBD Products.
  5. Candles, Incense, Coffee Makers, Clothes Irons, Travel Steamers & Hot Plates. ...
  6. Hoverboards.

What is forbidden items on the cruise line? ›

Prohibited Items – Frequently Asked Questions
  • Firearms.
  • Firearm replicas, including non-firing, imitations, toys, and their components. ...
  • Air, BB, pellet, paintball pistols, rifles and sling shot.
  • Diving equipment air tanks, spears, spear guns, slings, dive knives, pry bars, and underwater scooters.

What is the best balcony room on a cruise ship? ›

Rear-facing balcony cabins are among the best balcony cabins on any ship. Often, their balconies are bigger than balconies on side-facing cabins and they also feel quiet. There are far fewer balcony cabins at the back of a ship than on the sides of a ship, so you don't hear a lot of noise from your neighbors.

Is it worth getting a balcony on a cruise? ›

Balcony cabins are great for giving you that much needed bit of personal space when you're both in the room. If he wants to nap but you're wide awake, a balcony offers you a place to hang out without worrying if you're making too much noise or using too bright lights.

Does the Norwegian Getaway have an observation lounge? ›

Norwegian's Observation Lounges

Whether you're cruising past Alaska's stunning glaciers or sailing through The Caribbean's turquoise waters, you'll have a prime perspective from the comfort of Norwegian's contemporary observation lounges.

What do you get with a spa balcony on NCL? ›

The Spa Balcony staterooms feature tranquil spa décor and include two lower beds that convert to a queen-size bed, a single sofa bed, easy access to the adjacent Mandara Spa and fitness center, as well as complimentary access to the Thermal Suite during regular Spa hours.

Is the thermal spa worth it on NCL? ›

In our opinion, the Thermal Spa on Norwegian Cruise Line is the best among the major cruise brands and boasts more space, seating, and amenities. We have had a few massages on board, and have taken advantage of the Latitudes offer of discounted spa services while in port.

Do NCL provide pool towels? ›

Power strips. These are now prohibited by Norwegian Cruise Line. You don't need to bring a beach towel (they're supplied on board).

Does Norwegian Getaway have pizza? ›

The Garden Café is Norwegian Getaway's buffet option. Serving cuisine from right around the world, the restaurant is a failsafe for fussy eaters. It has great vegetarian options as well as something quick and easy for the kids – burgers, pizzas etc.

Do Norwegian cabins have refrigerators? ›

In each cabin, there is a stocked mini fridge with beverage that are for sale. Ask your room steward to remove the items so you can stock your own fridge.

What is category BF on Norwegian Getaway? ›

Cabins in Category BF have a private enclosed balcony. These Staterooms have room for up to 3 guests and feature floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open to the balcony. They include a separate bathroom with shower, two lower beds that convert into a queen-size bed, a sitting area, and additional bedding to fit one more.

What does code alpha mean on NCL? ›

Alpha: There's a medical emergency on the ship. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo: There's a fire on the ship.

Can you bid for upgrade on NCL? ›

Upgrade Offers are only valid for cabins that have already been purchased, either by you or someone on whose behalf you are bidding for the Upgrade. First, as a prerequisite to the ability to make an Offer, you must receive an invitation (“Invitation”) from Norwegian Cruise Line.

What does BD mean on a cruise ship? ›

B623. Category: Category BD - Balcony Stateroom.

Can you smoke in the casino on NCL getaway? ›

As the health and well-being of our guests and crew is of the utmost importance, indoor public areas, with the exception of the cigar lounges and the casino, throughout all our ships are smoke-free.

Is Lemonade Free on NCL? ›

Water, lemonade, fruit juices, coffee, tea, regular and chocolate milk are all complimentary. For those who want a broader selection, drinks can be purchased individually, or guests can buy drink packages to avoid a large bill at the end of their vacation.

How do you get the vibe pass on Norwegian Getaway? ›

As of July 2022, though, booked passengers are able to purchase Vibe passes in advance of the voyage — either through the online portal or their travel agent. On each sailing, a very limited number of passes – which varies by ship – are sold.

Is soda free on NCL? ›

Also included in your by-the-glass package are unlimited soft drinks, beers, spirits, cocktails, wines and select bottles of wine with dinner. In addition, still and sparkling water, energy drinks, and specialty coffees are included.

Is continental breakfast free on NCL? ›

Norwegian Cruise Line offers room service 24/7. Their continental breakfast items listed in the PDF are free. For other meals such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees, Norwegian charges a delivery fee of $9.95 per order. Passengers booked in The Haven or Suites level staterooms receive complimentary room service.

Is NCL getaway Cancelled? ›

“The safety and comfort of our guests and crew is always our number one priority. Due to the projected path of Hurricane Ian, Norwegian Getaway's September 29, 2022 sailing has been cancelled.

Are any Norwegian cruises Cancelled for 2022? ›

Because of uncertainty in the region, Norwegian Cruise Line has canceled its 2022-2023 Asia program on Norwegian Sun between Oct, 2022 - Apr, 2023 sailings. The NCL Sun will be redeployed to Europe to sail Canary Islands.

Why are cruises being Cancelled for 2022? ›

While Royal Caribbean has been able to get most of its cruise ships back into service, it has had to cancel a few sailings due to Covid-19.

What Norwegian cruises have been canceled? ›

Norwegian Cancels Cruises Through Spring
  • Norwegian Getaway with embarkation dates through and including January 5, 2022**
  • Norwegian Pearl cruises with embarkation dates through and including January 14, 2022.
  • Norwegian Sky cruises with embarkation dates through and including February 25,2022.
27 Aug 2022

Why are cruises being Cancelled for 2023? ›

In an email sent to travel partners, Royal Caribbean International has announced that nearly three months' of sailings in early 2023 will be cancelled for Mariner of the Seas, in order to allow extended time for a planned drydock and renovation.

Is NCL sailing at full capacity? ›

The ship's double occupancy maximum capacity is 2,186 passengers, meaning at the moment the ship is restricted to roughly 50-55% capacity. To facilitate the capacity limits, Norwegian Cruise Line has stopped new bookings aboard Pride of America through October 2022.

What happens if you get COVID on a cruise? ›

If you or your travel companions have COVID-19 symptoms or test positive at embarkation, the cruise ship may deny you from boarding. If you are allowed to board, you may be required to isolate or take other precautions, depending on your symptoms and test results.

What cruises are being Cancelled for 2022? ›

Norwegian Pearl: Through and including January 17, 2022. Norwegian Jade: Through and including March 3, 2022. Norwegian Sky: Through and including February 25, 2022. Norwegian Spirit: Through and including April 23, 2022.

Is it a good idea to cruise on 2022? ›

There is nothing wrong with booking a cruise for 2022 or 2023, but be sure to book refundable cruise fare. It has never been so important to have flexible cancellation terms, so skip non-refundable cruise fare and go for refundable.

Is it safe to cruise in March 2022? ›

The CDC now says, “Make sure you are up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines before cruise ship travel.” The advisory was last updated on February 15, 2022, when it was lowered from level 4 to level 3. Cruising has remained safe with cruise lines implementing strict protocols guidance from the CDC and health experts.

Will cruise ships operate in 2022? ›

In addition, more than 75 percent of oceangoing capacity is already back in service—and nearly 100 percent is expected back in operation by August 2022. Best of all, travel advisors and passengers will likely see a full cruise industry recovery in 2023.

What happened on the Norwegian Cruise Line? ›

Gangway collapses in Panama during Norwegian Cruise Line visit, injures passengers. A gangway collapsed while a Norwegian Cruise Line ship was stopped in Panama on Tuesday, injuring multiple guests.

How often do cruise ships get refurbished? ›

Cruise ship refurbishment is a big business worth $3.7 billion a year. Normally, cruise lines will schedule for a dry dock every two to three years per vessel. However, after a pause in operations, many cruise lines are now preparing their ships for a 2022 return.

Will Norwegian Cruise go bust? ›

Based on the latest financial disclosure, Norwegian Cruise Ord has a Probability Of Bankruptcy of 48.0%. This is 15.97% higher than that of the Consumer Cyclical sector and significantly higher than that of the Travel Services industry.


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