45 of the Best Holiday Gift Ideas Your Sister(s) Will Love (2023)

When it coms to the holidays, sisters can be hard to shop for — especially because some of us have multiple sisters in our lives, each requiring a different type of gift. Your younger sister might want something cool and trendy (and Snapchat-able, duh) while your older sister is a better fit for a more practical gift. We haven’t forgotten about the other “sisters” in your life, either — we’re talking about your soul sister, your “twin” sister (aka super bestie) and your longtime family friend who’s basically your big sis. From geometric tablet cases to to next-level home decor, we’ve got 45 of the best gifts you can scoop up for the sister in your life.

1. Rifle Paper Co. 2016 Floral Planner ($34): Start your younger sis off with an organized year by gifting her this sweet planner — the design is so cute she’ll actually want to jot down her to-do list in here.

2. BDB Ceramic Ring Cone ($38): This pretty ring cone is both decorative and functional. It also is neutral enough to work with almost any decor!

3. Vinca USA Unicorn Glitter Hologram Ring ($9): Your little sis will be instantly elevated to super-awesome-cool-girl status when she rocks this ring.

4. Kalastyle Modern Wash Avocado Soap ($9): This bright soap (with adorable packaging) is organic and contains antioxidants and vitamins A, D and E to keep your skin soft and smooth.

5. Cotton: On the Round Towel ($30): The badges on this towel are so young and fun, it almost makes you wish you were back in high school, right? Keyword: almost.

6. A Hot Glue Gun Mess by Mr. Kate ($20): Books are always legit gifts to give, especially if they’re focused on DIY ;) Get your sister’s creative juices flowing with all the projects featured in this book.

7. Scout & Lilly Answer Is Always Tacos Pennant ($25): Let’s be real: The answer *is* always tacos.

8. Party Animals Zebra Drinking Jar & Lunch Box Set ($16): Even though your younger sister might not be a party animal yet, this cute set will make her feel like she is.

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9. Organization Essentials Prisma Accessory Organizer ($15): Rings, bracelets and earrings stay organized and on display with this delicate jewelry holder.


10. Crucial Fruit Bowl Print by Wacka ($18 — $148): You can opt for a small print of this rad fruit bowl or go with the whole “go big or go home” motto and go for this 30 x 40 canvas. Either way, it’s sure to brighten up any room.

11. Chloë Sevigny Book ($36): Get all kinds of inspo from this awesome coffee table book: art, style and high fashion. What more could your older sister want?

12. Gigglosophy Large Initial Gold Necklace ($34): The big, bold initial letter on this necklace is the perfect way to show your big sis you love her — A LOT.

13. Triple C Power Wallet ($80): Your always-on-the-go sister *needs* this handy wallet because it’ll let her charge up her devices without slowing down her day (or night).

14. Magical Thinking Hanging Pennant Mirror ($39): Bohemian vibes go hand-in-hand with this unique mirror that acts as both decor and a legit new way to see yourself ;)

15. Illume Mercury Moonglow Candle ($38 — $40): This tall candle will illuminate your space and bring some glitz into your life.

16. CAP Beauty The Captivator Spray ($46): Cool down and chill out with this refreshing beauty spray. Sandalwood, neroli and clary sage give you a nice pick-me-up while giving off a yummy scent.

17. Echo Flash Drive ($36): Everyone needs a flash drive, including your big sis. Give her one that’s as stylish as she is with this colorful wooden option.

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18. Winden SIS Necklace ($77): Show your sister how much she means to you with this sweet necklace that’s handmade in NYC.


19. Yastikizi Hi +Bye Gloves ($42): These cute gloves will not only keep your “twin” cozy, but she can also have fun waving to people with them ;)

20. Djibouti Deluxe Camera Strap ($125): For the picture-taking-twin in your life, this stylish camera strap is an absolute must-have. Can we talk about the tassels?!

21. Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette ($49): All the colors your twin bestie will ever need to make her eyes pop are right here. From highlighters to liners to base colors, this palette rules.

22. Dot & Bo Kaleidoscope iPad Mini Case ($56): This case protects your gadget while giving you a healthy dose of geometric shapes + punchy colors. You’ll never want to put your iPad away with this on it!

23. Girl Gang Nail Decals ($9): Step up your nail game with these hysterical nail decals that feature The Golden Girls on them. Yup, wear The Golden Girls on your nails, because why TF not?!

24. RMS Beauty Nail Polish in Myth ($15): This gorgeous color works with anything you’re wearing — it’s nude enough so that you can get away with a couple chips but has enough color so that you look pulled together.

25. EosHanging Mobile ($19): This minimalistic hanging mobile brings just the right touch of style into your room. Plus, it’s super relaxing to watch it spin and spin and spin…

26. Pattern Play Tassel Keyring ($45): Keep keys where they belong and quickly find them with this brightly colored keyring.

27. Ringly Into the Woods Notification Ring ($260): Always stay connected to your “twin” sis with this nifty ring that sends you notifications from your phone. Say whaaaa?!

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28. marimekko Kinema Knitted Hat ($125): Stay warm and chic in this grid patterned knit hat. It adds instant style to any outfit.

29. diptyque paris Holiday 3 Mini Candle Set ($100): Light up the night (or day, whatever) with this seriously gorgeous candle set. This set is “dedicated to the olfactory attributes of trees,” so it’s a great way to bring some nature vibes inside.

30. Padgett Hoke Antler Necklace ($36): This delicate antler necklace is the perfect gold accessory to add a touch of glitz to your outfit. It’s the perfect blend of rustic + trendy.

31. Maika Etc. Canvas Bucket ($12): Stash your jewelry, makeup or knick knacks in here and put it somewhere it can be easily accessed and seen.

32. Jouer Shimmering Lip Trio ($35): Jouer makes great lip glosses — seriously, the formula is one of the best out there — so this trio of pretty, shimmery nude shades is a must-have for your family friend sister. You’re saving a bunch of money too!

33. Gold Mirrored Globe Bulb ($18): This has to be one of the most unique ways to add serious style to any room in your home. The uniqueness of this bulb is balanced with its slightly old-school shape — and it’s super affordable. Get ten!

34. You Are Awesome Cushion ($30): Here’s how to remind your family friend sister that she’s awesome ;) It also looks super squishy and comfy — two strict pillow requirements.

35. Glossier Mask Duo Set ($38): Set your skin up for success with this mask set from the geniuses at Glossier. You get six single serving pods (we told you they were smart) of their best-selling masks *and* an embroidered headband.

36. Meow Stemless Wine Glass Set ($16): Cheers! These adorable stemless wine glasses are purrfect for the cat lover in your life. Stemless wine glasses are the way to go.



37. Eva NYC Galaxy Almighty Pro-Lite Dryer ($70): This has to be the prettiest hair dryer we’ve *ever* seen — don’t you agree? It’s so dreamy it’ll make you actually want to blow dry your hair.

38. Happy Plug Earphones ($29): Give your soul sister the sweet gift of music this holiday with some stylish headphones. The glitzy style of these will make them easy to spot in your purse too.

39. Tata Harper Love Potion ($80): Spritz on aphrodisiac essential oils that will wake you up ;) This spray brings out good vibes, positive energy and feelings of love.

40. Batsu Maru Whirl Ring ($22): This simple but unique ring is made with 14K gold and features a hammered finish. The swirl design is whimsical, but still classy.

41. Rifle Paper Co. Heidi ($26): Bring back childhood memories in a modern way with this classic book in a snazzy new hardcover design. You also get intricately illustrated endpapers.

42. Future Glory Marbled Clutch ($175): This dreamy marbled clutch is perfect for your soul sister. The swirly, pastel design is so fun and brings instant cool-girl vibes to any outfit.

43. B iPhone Case ($29 — $32): Protect your precious iPhone while sporting some serious style with this case. We love the sleek look of the “B” paired with the different patterns and colors.

44. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment ($23): Swipe on some of this super nourishing lip treatment and pucker up. The colors are sheer but pretty, so your lips are front and center without being over the top.

45. Half Moon Planter ($14): Zone out at home, zen-style, with this moon planter. It lets you show off a succulent while also bringing a dreamy vibe into your space.

Which of these gifts is your fave? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Beth Wischnia

You can typically find this Texan writing, trying on a new lipstick, gabbing with her identical twin sister or volunteering at the local animal shelter. She finds inspiration from rosé, beauty products, Tex-Mex and cats.

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What should I give to my elder sister on her birthday? ›

Personalised Gifts
  • Personalised Chocolates.
  • Personalised Cushions.
  • Personalised Mugs.
  • Personalised Greeting Cards.
  • Personalised Water Bottles.
  • personalised fashion accessories.
  • Personalised Engraved.

How can I make my sister feel special? ›

It's helped me, and I hope it can help you too.
  1. Be there for her. Life is full of ups and downs. ...
  2. Support her dreams. ...
  3. Suprise her with a little gift. ...
  4. Love the people she loves. ...
  5. Spend quality time together. ...
  6. Keep her secrets. ...
  7. Defend her. ...
  8. Listen to her feedback and advice.
3 Nov 2020

What is best for big sister? ›

Here are 25 of the best big sister gift ideas:
  • Baby Doll. ...
  • Baby Doll Stroller. ...
  • Name Stories Name Art. ...
  • Big Sister Crown. ...
  • Big Sister Personalized Coloring Activity Book. ...
  • Big Sister Sweatshirt. ...
  • Growth Chart. ...
  • Big Sister Teddy Bear. You can never go wrong with a soft, snuggly bear.
2 Feb 2021

What can I give to someone special? ›

10 Personalized Gift Ideas for Someone Special
  • Create a Scrapbook.
  • Design a Cool Comic Book.
  • Make an attractive personalized card.
  • Get Them a Photo clock.
  • Gift a Coupon booklet.
  • Create a collage frame.
  • Honour them with a certificate.
  • Customise a picture pillow.
10 Aug 2016

What do you get a 60 year old sister? ›

Lifestyle-Related Gifts

Or get a gift card so your sister can treat herself to a tasty restaurant meal. Or get a gift card to your sister's favorite retail store so she can buy a blouse that she covets. Alternatively, she may enjoy a few lottery tickets that have the potential to change her life.

How can I make my younger sisters birthday special? ›

Top 5 Ways To Make Your Sister's Birthday Special!
  1. Smashing Birthday Cake. A cake slice is always something to bank on when attending a birthday party. ...
  2. Party Decorations. Decorations ring the bells and whistles for celebrations! ...
  3. Party Props. ...
  4. Desserts. ...
  5. Gifts to Recollect the Good Times.
6 Jul 2022

What can I gift a girl to make her happy? ›

Here are Best Cute Gifts For Girlfriend That'll Make Her Happy
  • Personalized Mug Gift For Anniversary.
  • Instagram Style Anniversary Gift Personalized Acrylic Plaque.
  • Starmap And Moon With Custom Quote-Best Personalized Blanket.
  • Custom Night Sky Star Map And Quote- Best Personalized Poster/Canvas.
  • Night Sky Print.
19 Oct 2022

What is the sweetest thing to say to your sister? ›

Thank you sister for always being there, love you loads! In this whole wide world, there is you my dear sister, you are my go-to person whenever I need it. Love you from the bottom of my heart! You are the best sister, my shoulder to cry on, my secret keeper, my chocolate partner and most importantly my best friend.

How do I make my sibling feel loved? ›

10 ways to show your siblings you love and appreciate them
  1. Post them on your Instagram. Posting anything on social media makes it real. ...
  2. Recreate childhood photos. ...
  3. Give them a gift. ...
  4. Bake a cake together. ...
  5. Do an activity they enjoy doing. ...
  6. Watch a movie. ...
  7. Buy them lunch. ...
  8. Share funny childhood stories with each other.

How can I Strong My bond with my sister? ›

Be an emotional support.

It's usually not about giving advice -- if she wants it, she will ask -- but just about being there when things don't go well. Be a good listener. Really paying attention to her problems can be helpful to her and deepen the relationship the two of you have.

What makes a good older sister? ›

A good sister demonstrates qualities of honesty, loyalty and trustworthiness. She communicates with her siblings and doesn't forget what's important to them. As a sister, she's there in times of need and in times of celebration.

How can I pamper my sister? ›

Raksha Bandhan 2022: Pamper your sister with these gifts
  1. Partywear dress. A dress is a present that will always delight your older sister because women love to shop for new clothes. ...
  2. Handbags. ...
  3. Skincare products. ...
  4. Jewellery. ...
  5. Gadgets. ...
  6. Chocolates.
11 Aug 2022

How can I impress my older sister? ›

Go and watch your sister competing in sports, paint with her if she likes art, or play chess with her. Showing interests in your sisters hobbies can make her feel happy, supported, and can possibly impress her. Be sure to show genuine interest in her hobbies! Give your sister her own special day.

What is a thoughtful gift? ›

Whether from a list or from studying their interests, a thoughtful gift shows the recipient that we care for them and want them to feel loved.

What is the most priceless gift? ›

Spending time with loved ones and reflecting on all that has gone right is a precious gift. Too many people feel afraid, unloved and alone, especially during the holidays. One of the most priceless gifts you can give someone is that of your time.

What to get people who aren't materialistic? ›

Best Non-Materialistic Gift Ideas
  • #1. Amusement Park. One of the top non physical gift ideas for both adults and kids is a day out at a local amusement park. ...
  • #2. National Park Pass. ...
  • #3. Day Trip. ...
  • #4. Hiking. ...
  • #5. Indoor Climbing. ...
  • #6. Indoor Skydiving. ...
  • #7. Ski Pass. ...
  • #8. Kayaking.
18 Jun 2022

What to get a person who is hard to buy for? ›

Here are some of my favorite gifts for people who are hard to shop for:
  • A 6-foot charging cable so they can scroll aimlessly at 100% battery. ...
  • A well-designed and unfussy planner. ...
  • A set of toothpicks that are infused with tea tree oil and mint. ...
  • A couple of smart plugs.
26 Aug 2022

What can I give to show love? ›

How to show someone that you love them: 10 gift ideas for loved ones…
  • Leave notes around for them to find. ...
  • Fill the place or their room with the things they love. ...
  • Make a special meal and put some hearts into it! ...
  • Head out on a day adventure. ...
  • Buy a pack of cards and write down 52 reasons why you love them.
13 Oct 2021

What is the best gift for your loved ones? ›

Here are 15 budget friendly and romantic surprises that can make your loved one truly happy.
  1. Take Them Camping. ...
  2. Make a Photo Collage. ...
  3. Invite Them for a Picnic. ...
  4. Put Them on a Sweet Treat Treasure Hunt. ...
  5. Take Them for a Day Trip. ...
  6. Create a Unique Piggy Bank. ...
  7. Have a Candlelight Pizza Dinner. ...
  8. Do Your Own Message in a Bottle.

Which gift is best for seniors? ›

Best Healthy Gift Ideas for Seniors
  • A Medical Alert System. ...
  • A Session With an Aging-in-Place Specialist. ...
  • A Massager. ...
  • Pickleball Equipment. ...
  • A Flexibility Class. ...
  • A Book Club for Two. ...
  • A Digital Picture Frame. ...
  • A Supernatural Subscription.
23 Jun 2022

What do you get a woman in her 60s? ›

Top Categories for Gifts for Women in Their 60s

Self-care: relaxing hobbies, anti-aging skincare, etc. Travel. Sentimental gifts. Comfortable fashion.

How much should I spend on sisters wedding gift? ›


She offers these guidelines to wedding-goers wherever they might be: A distant relative or co-worker should give $75-$100; a friend or relative, $100-$125; a closer relative, up to $150. If you are wealthy, are you expected to inflate the gift? No, Cooper says.

How much money should a sibling give as a wedding gift? ›

In general, it's thought that guests should spend around $100 on a wedding gift. That said, we recommend spending somewhere between $200-$400 for a sibling as it is generally considered appropriate to spend a little more if you are close friends or family members of the couple.

Which gift is best for married woman? ›

Wedding Gift Ideas for Women - IGP.com
Wedding Gift by TypeGift Ideas
Wedding GiftsWatches, Jewelry, Perfumes, Wallets, Kurti,
Wedding FlowersRoses, Lilies, Orchids, Carnations, Bouquets
Personalized Wedding GiftsPhoto Frames, Lamps, Mugs, Cushions

Why are older sisters so special? ›

Your elder sister is the first best friend you'll ever have. People and friends may come and go, but she will always be there in your life. No matter how much you fight with her or how far you drift apart, she will always be there for you, any time of the day.

What do you get a girl when she's sad? ›

Give her a small gift.

Instead of something flashy or expensive, think of something that you know she will like. Even if it won't change what she's upset about, a gift from someone that cares about her will brighten her day. If she likes comic books, buy a few comics or a graphic novel that you think she will enjoy.

How do you spoil a girl? ›

How to Pamper a Woman: 14 Special Ways to Make Her Feel Loved
  1. 1 Ask her what she likes.
  2. 2 Pay attention to little details.
  3. 3 Give her a romantic massage.
  4. 4 Shower her with physical affection.
  5. 5 Compliment her sincerely.
  6. 6 Talk to her about her hopes, dreams, and interests.
  7. 7 Leave love notes for her.

What do you get someone who is very smart? ›

Looking for a perfect gift for the “Einstein” in your life? Here are the best gifts for smart people, that'll make them even smarter...
What are the Best Gifts for Smart People?
  • LED Book Lamp. ...
  • Tervis The Periodic Table of Elements Tumbler. ...
  • Literary Insults Chart. ...
  • MasterClass. ...
  • Master Theorem Book of Puzzles. ...
  • Audiobooks.

What do you get someone who isn't materialistic? ›

Best Non-Materialistic Gift Ideas
  • #1. Amusement Park. One of the top non physical gift ideas for both adults and kids is a day out at a local amusement park. ...
  • #2. National Park Pass. ...
  • #3. Day Trip. ...
  • #4. Hiking. ...
  • #5. Indoor Climbing. ...
  • #6. Indoor Skydiving. ...
  • #7. Ski Pass. ...
  • #8. Kayaking.
18 Jun 2022

What should I get a billionaire for Christmas? ›

What to Get a Billionaire for Christmas
  • A (Whole) Cruise Ship for a Week.
  • A Bottle of Ultra-Rare Champagne.
  • Tommy Hilfiger's 2003 Ferrari Enzo.
  • An All-Sapphire Watch.
  • A Private Jet in Rose Gold.
  • A Hotel Built From Scratch.
  • A House in a Billionaire's Hawaiian Enclave.
  • A Bottle of Six-Figure Whisky.
16 Dec 2016

What do you get old people for Christmas? ›

Retirement Gifts
  • Weighted Blanket. Weighted blankets are beneficial because they can provide the same benefits you'd receive from person-to-person contact. ...
  • Jigsaw Puzzles. ...
  • A Comfortable Chair. ...
  • A New TV. ...
  • Medication Reminder Clock. ...
  • New Running Shoes. ...
  • Our Best Days Accent Light. ...
  • Destination Map.
8 Aug 2018

What is practical gift? ›

You want your gift to be used often, and to fill a need that the recipient might not even know they had. In other words, the best kind of gift is a practical gift. And the best kind of practical gift is one with premium quality, lasting usefulness, and an attractive “wow” factor.

What do you buy a poorly person? ›

Choose from naturally pampering toiletries, front-fastening dressing gowns and pyjamas, eyemasks and earplugs for hospital stays, snuggly slippers, tablet and e-reader stands for the endless hours in bed or breast-feeding, and sweets for morning sickness.

What to get someone who doesn't like clutter? ›

Consumable Gift Ideas
  • Coffee, tea, wine, beer, etc. ...
  • Chocolates, nuts, jerky, treats, etc. ...
  • Flowers – are always a great clutter-free gift. ...
  • A home-cooked meal or treat – cooking or baking something yourself is a great clutter-free gift idea most people are delighted to receive and enjoy.


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