Guide to Maritime Security and the ISPS Code (2021 Edition) (2023)

Guide to Maritime Security and the ISPS Code (2021 Edition) (1)



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Guide to Maritime Security and the ISPS Code (2021 Edition) (3)

Guide to Maritime Security and the ISPS Code (2021 Edition)

Number of Pages:

Published Date:
October 2021

Book Height:
297 mm

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Book Width:
210 mm

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Short Overview

This Guide has been developed to consolidate existing IMO maritime security-related material into an easily read companion guide to SOLAS chapter XI-2 and the ISPS Code in order to assist States in promoting maritime security through development in the requisite legal framework, associated administrative practices, procedures and technical and human resources.

Detailed Overview

It is intended both to assist SOLAS Contracting Governments in the implementation, verification, compliance with, and enforcement of, the provisions of SOLAS chapter XI-2 and the ISPS Code. It should also serve as an aid and reference for those engaged in delivering capacity-building activities in the field of maritime security.

This second edition of the Guide incorporates guidance approved by the Maritime Safety Committee on the development of maritime security legislation as well as maritime cyber risk management, and includes updated sources for further information to support the implementation of the ISPS Code.

About the Author

As a specialized agency of the United Nations, IMO is the global standard-setting authority for the safety, security and environmental performance of international shipping. Its main role is to create a regulatory framework for the shipping industry that is fair and effective, universally adopted and universally implemented.

In other words, its role is to create a level playing field so that ship operators cannot address their financial issues by simply cutting corners and compromising on safety, security and environmental performance. This approach also encourages innovation and efficiency.

Shipping is a truly international industry, and it can only operate effectively if the regulations and standards are themselves agreed, adopted and implemented on an international basis. IMO is the forum at which this process takes place.

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Additional Information

Number of Pages:

Published Date:
October 2021

Book Height:
297 mm

Book Width:
210 mm

0.5 kg



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